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Terms and conditions


These Rules and Regulations will be sent to you before you check in to one or more of our flats. Checking in implies that you accept and will respect our house rules. If you do not agree with our house rules you should cancel your booking.


We welcome you to our loft and count on you having a pleasant stay in the bustling city of Ghent. We are fans of a brilliant principle: "where your freedom begins, someone else's freedom ends". If you respect this principle, problems will hardly arise.


before and after check-in

1.         The check-in time is between 15h and 19h. If you wish to check-in later, this is possible with a supplement of 50€. Earlier is possible with availability, ask for it.

2.         If you wish to stay longer and check out late, this is possible with a supplement of 25€ per hour until maximum 14h (maximum 4 hours) if available.




1.         Loss of key: In case of loss of key, 250€ will be charged, to be paid immediately before a new set of keys will be put at your disposal.

2.         The loft has a maximum occupancy of 6 persons. Therefore, no more than 6 persons are allowed to spend the night in the loft (In our flat in Mageleinstraat max. 4 persons).

3.         The building is completely smoke-free, on the terrace there is of course the possibility. Please put the butts in the ashtray. Please empty the ashtray into the yellow waste bag 12 hours after use.

4.         Due to fire hazard it is not allowed to light fires on the terraces.

5.         Pets are not allowed.

6.         Electricity, gas and water consumption are included in the rental price. May we ask you to use the energy rationally, think of mother earth. Extremely large consumption may be charged.

7.         Radio and television may of course be used provided that the co-tenants and neighbours are not disturbed. The Metselaarshuis /Mageleinstraat are extremely quiet buildings near the historic centre, this is exceptionally in a city. The neighbours are permanent residents who are not on holiday. We therefore ask you explicitly not to disturb this peace. Between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. any noise is prohibited.

8.         You are not allowed to walk through the corridors of the building except for the one between the bottom door and the top door of the loft.

9.         It is not allowed to enter the area of the car parks except to access the rubbish containers where you deposit your waste before checking out.

10.       The tenant is responsible for the house as a "good family man".

11.       The house is rented for personal use and will therefore only be used by the tenant with a maximum of 6 persons (In our flat in Mageleinstraat max 4 persons). . A copy of the main tenant's ID card is always requested. A security camera at the front door downstairs keeps a digital record of people going in and out.

12.       Putting up posters or hanging advertisements on walls or doors is not allowed.

13.       The number of persons is not allowed to exceed the indicated number of 6 (in Magelei street max 4).

14.       Moving furniture is not allowed.

15.       In case of exceptional misbehaviour, the landlord can oblige the group to leave the house within 2 hours without granting any compensation.

16.       By accepting the keys, the tenant agrees to unconditionally comply with the house rules of The Lord Of Ghent. He indemnifies the landlord against all damages in case of non-compliance




1.         The access to the house is semi-electronic. You will receive a key for the downstairs door and a remote control / Digital code for the front door of the loft.

2.         The mistreatment of the semi-electronic lock not explained to you and causing a blockage that requires an intervention by the owner will be charged at 50€.

3.         If necessary, turn up the thermostat (best is 21°).

4.         Check if everything seems to be in order, if not contact us at +32 470/65 49 27.

5.         Damage to the house or equipment must be reported upon arrival, otherwise the tenant will be held responsible for any damage upon departure.

6.         In the house you will find an information folder with the manuals of the appliances, the inventory list and some general information. Please leave this folder in the same place so that the next tenant can also make use of it.

7.         There is a rubbish bag in the bin. There is one spare bag with the cleaning equipment, should it be necessary.

8.         The house is fully equipped with an alarm and fire detection system with internal siren and connection to manned control room (24/7) connected to police and fire service. An evacuation plan is available in the information folder.

9.         If the tenant deliberately sets off the alarm, the police and fire brigade will be notified and the landlord will in any case charge 200€ for the police intervention.

10.       The technical room is not accessible to the tenants.




1.         The accommodation must be cleaned up at the end of your stay. This includes cleaning the kitchen and its appliances, washing the dishes (dishwasher).

2.         Collect the bed linen (duvet cover, pillowcase, bottom sheet) from the rented rooms in the kitchen or in the linen bags provided for that purpose. The used towels in the bathroom.

3.         Before departure, the tenant must place the residual waste bag, PMD and glass (rinsed out) in the containers provided in the garage.

4.         Switch the thermostat back to the original setting, by pressing WEG and set the temperature to max 17°C.

5.         Check that all taps are turned off and all appliances are turned off.

6.         All windows, except for the bedrooms, should be tilted to air them out.

7.         If you have broken something we would like to hear about it before your departure +32 470/65 49 27

8.         Do not forget to close all doors electronically. For the front door in the loft this is also done automatically. This is not necessary for the outside door.

9.         You are to leave the keys on the desk unit. COVID 19 guidelines Our flat will be cleaned and disinfected before your arrival according to the cleaning guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus. We ask for your cooperation to keep the flat clean and virus proof. May we therefore draw your attention to the following points of interest:

a.         What is expected from the guest:

i.          Wash your hands regularly

ii.        Sneezing or coughing? Use a paper handkerchief and dispose of it immediately in the dustbin provided.

iii.       When going outside the flat, respect the 1.5m distance. If possible, use mouth masks.

iv.        Avoid physical contact with anyone other than your travelling companions.

v.         Travel in the lift ONLY with your travel companions and with a maximum of 4 people. You can also take the stairs, which is also a healthy exercise.

b.         2) In the accommodation itself:

i.          Every time you enter the flat, disinfect your hands with the products provided.

ii.        Your key has been disinfected, keep it with you and follow the instructions of the manager.

iii.       Touch as little as possible on the way to the accommodation.

iv.        Regularly ventilate the accommodation by opening windows.

c.         The operators: Since we too have to observe the legal regulations, our service and facilities will seem different but you can count on our hospitality more than ever. We clean and disinfect the accommodation thoroughly every time. Also light switches / doorknobs / etc. You can also contact us by Whatsapp or phone for any questions. +If we all follow these guidelines, your stay will be safe. We are convinced that we can count on your cooperation! Enjoy your stay!