Check in 14:30 - 21:00 uur 

Check out 10:00 - 12:00 uur

Children and extra beds Children of all ages welcome.

Notice: A surcharge of 50 euro per night applies for every two children up to the age of 12 years. 

Extra beds in the rooms:  not possible. Extra cost must be payed during the staying Petts : No petts allowed Cash prepayment, please bring cash for the extra's


1) The building is completely non-smoking, on the terrace there is of course possibility. Like the butts in the ashtray. Please empty the ashtray in the yellow waste bag for 12 hours after use.

2) Due to fire risk it is not allowed to make fire on the terraces.

3) Pets are not allowed

4) Consumption of electricity, gas and water are included in the rent. May we ask to use the energy rationally, think of mother earth. Extremely high consumption can be charged.

5) Radio and television may of course be used on condition that the co-tenants and neighbors are not disturbed. The Metselaarshuis is an extremely quiet building near the historic center, this is exceptionally a city. The neighbors are permanent residents who are not on vacation. We therefore ask you explicitly not to disturb this rest. Between 22:00 and 8:00 every noise nuisance is banned anyway.

6) The tenant is responsible for the house as “good housefather”.

7) The property is rented for personal use and will therefore only be used by the tenant.

8) Placing or hanging posters, advertising on walls and doors is not allowed.

9) The number of persons may not exceed the stated quantity.

10) Moving furniture is not allowed.

11) In case of exceptional misconduct, the lessor can oblige the group to leave the home within 2 hours without awarding any compensation.

12) By paying the advance invoice, the tenant agrees to unconditionally comply with the house rules of The Lord Of Ghent. He indemnifies the lessor of all damage in the event of non-compliance.


1)  The access to the house is semi-electronic. For the lower door you receive a key, for the front door of the loft you receive a remote control.

2) If necessary, switch the thermostat to a higher level (best to 21 °).

3) Check if everything seems right for you, if not, contact us by number +32/470/65 49 27.


  1. Switch the thermostat back to the original setting by pressing the ‘WEG’ button. check that all taps are closed.

2)     Clean the house at the end of the stay. This also means that the kitchen and appliances must be cleaned, the dishes must be done.

3)     Bed linen (duvet cover, pillowcase, bottom sheet) of the rented rooms collect in the kitchen of the house.

4)     Empty trash cans in the yellow bag, PMD and glass (rinsed) in the provided bin. Put the yellow bag outside, tied up, on the terrace.

5)     Switch the thermostat back to the original setting by pressing the WEG button.

6)     Want to check that all taps are turned off and TV is switched off.

7)     Close all windows.

8)     If you have broken something we would like to hear it before you leave +32470/65 49 27

9)     Do not forget to close all doors electronically. This happens automatically for the front door at the loft. This is not necessary at the outer door.

10)  If you have any comments that could make your stay even more pleasant, let them know. We can assure that we do everything possible to make it as pleasant as possible for you and the upcoming tenants and hope to receive you again.

Thanks in advance and pleasant stay